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About Call For Duty

Call For Duty is an independent, non partisan, non profit charity. We are dedicated to our campaign for the integration of immigrants and refugees in the UK. Our task is all about excellence in immigrant integration – ensuring the process of economic mobility and social inclusion for newcomers and their children is almost problem free.

Integration touches upon the institutions and mechanisms that promote development and growth within our society. This includes early childhood care, elementary and post-secondary education, as well as suitable teaching centres for adults. Then there’s the importance of integration into the local workforce, access to healthcare, helping to facilitate UK Government services, nationally and locally, to assist in linguistic diversity and much more besides to ensure successful integration. These endeavours help build communities that are stronger economically and, as importantly, more inclusive socially and culturally.

Meet Our Volunteers

Our volunteers assume an important job in helping us to accomplish our objectives.

Become a Volunteer?

Our volunteers play an important role in helping us to accomplish our objectives.
Work as volunteer is very rewarding, you too can become part of us and save lives by making people thrive.
No matter your background, at CALL FOR DUTY, every one has a role to play, from highly educated to people with fair education background, you will find a work to do.
Get notification from a portion of the mind blowing volunteers who help our philanthropy in an assortment of jobs. Every assistance makes things become more agreeable.
Take in more about our volunteers– Why they volunteered with us, how the experience has changed their standpoint throughout everyday life and their tentative arrangements

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