Accessing services

Accessing services

Illegal immigrants have an especially difficult time accessing services, largely because they are afraid of being deported. Consequently, they will avoid contacting health services or even seeking legal guidance when both are often badly needed.

Its hardly plain sailing for those who are here legally either. Difficulty speaking English, having the trouble to take time off work to go to official interviews and struggling with these because of the language problem and simply not being able to get around very easily on public transport are all very real issues.

Accessing mental health issues is especially problematic. So many times at Call For Duty we hear of horror stories where refugees and immigrants have been exposed to violence, rape and even torture. The tragedy is that they just don’t know how to seek help.

Furthermore, mental health issues are taboo in many cultures which can create an additional barrier to those who are in desperate need. When even their own family or group can’t cope with their condition and don’t know what to do. Such individuals can be so alone and isolated from their peers and many, of course, have such conditions due to the traumas they’ve experienced in war or uprisings, even sexual assaults.

For those who are able to successfully obtain the services they need the experience of simply getting there is, as a whole, usually negative.


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