Hundreds of thousands of people around the world desperately wish to leave their homelands and travel to the United Kingdom for a variety of reasons. Often, their dreams for a new life parallel the motivations that caused the Pilgrims to leave their own homelands for UK. Many who hope to escape war, persecution, famine and poverty believe they will find relief on UK soil.

However, immigrants often meet challenges upon their arrival that they never anticipated. These difficulties range from navigating legal complications to understanding complex transportation systems, securing living arrangements and employment, and battling culture shock, psychological distress, depression and despair.

Contributing social factors include the type and quality of education available to these new residents; the lack of secure jobs; isolation, prejudice and discrimination; and cultural differences that may deter them from seeking and receiving services.

Call For Duty aims at tackling the most challenging fact this group faces ahead; which is the language barrier by setting up a permanent contact (call) center designed for refugees and immigrants of the UK.


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