Our help and development of communities out of poverty

Our help and development of communities out of poverty

Call for Duty helps poor communities to improve their lives. We focus on sustainable development, our programmes provide those in even abject poverty better access to essential services. Call For Duty can kick start opportunities to improve their livelihoods and thereby lift themselves out of destitution towards a state of well being – permanently.

We believe it is important to create an organised group within the community to help the many rather than working with a few individuals. Whilst the problems of the individual are of course our concern also, Call For Duty believes that it is more effective to facilitate collective and organised actions to help strengthen and empower people in poverty through organisation. This means that it is not enough to provide assistance to individually affected persons alone but, through a collective organisation, each individual is developed and steps are taken to address their problems and other problems in the future.

When issues and problems are identified, people can begin to gain self-confidence and acquire capabilities in working together on simple issues and problems. This means that their initial efforts and experience can be used towards addressing more complex problems and issues. It is in identifying and acting on their initial simple issues or problems that the affected people gain their self-confidence and capability to identify other issues or problems which need to be addressed.

The well thought out and introduced projects by Call For Duty can help fight poverty. But it does require people’s active involvement – internally and externally, the latter through volunteer work and of course donations. The beneficiaries of these projects will identify with their own situation, their issues and problems, and will promulgate those successful solutions through the mission as a whole, ameliorating the lives of others facing similar problems.


  • Your donation sustains long-term projects and meet urgent human needs
  • People feels the impact of your donation today
  • Together, we change people's lives for the better